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Facility Maintenance

Our facility maintenance services encompass a comprehensive range of tasks, ensuring pristine upkeep year-round. From meticulous snow and ice control during winter's chill to precise bush and hedge trimming for pristine landscapes, our attention to detail is unwavering. We specialize in edging and mulching for immaculate garden aesthetics and dedicate ourselves to maintaining lush lawns through expert care and regular mowing. With spring and fall clean-ups, we restore vibrancy to outdoor spaces, complemented by parking lot sweeping and efficient portering services for a polished appearance. Moreover, our commitment extends to structural maintenance, addressing concerns such as crack fill and sealing, ensuring durability and safety for your premises.

Our Suite of Facility Maintenance Services

  • Snow and Ice Control

  • Bush and Hedge Trimming

  • Edging and Mulching

  • Lawn Care and Mowing

  • Spring and Fall Clean Ups

  • Parking Lot Sweeping

  • Portering

  • Crack Fill and Sealing


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